Everest Youth Football League


Forms are listed below in alphabetical order.  Please download the PDF document for printing.

This document is for all coaches of the Everest Youth Football League.  Please read and understand this documents so you understand the roles and responsibilities of coaches.

Coaches Responsibilities

Gives permission to have an EYFL coach of other official consent to needed medical attention by the nearest physician and/or hospital, in case of an accident, injury or other emergency...

Critical Information

Parent/Guardian agrees to provide a health and accident insurance program for the named participant that will provide coverage in the event of injury while participating in EYFL activities.

Insurance Waiver

All players are encouraged to perform at least three (3) heritable acts which show compassion, respect and love for their fellow human beings.  Merit acts will be evaluated by the Parents Committee and points are awarded to teams.  A maximum of 25 points can be earned by each team.  Points are deducted for each player that does not turn in this form.

Meritorious Act Forms

Parents are encouraged to support EYFL’s primary goal; i.e. character development.  Parents, please read and sign this document so you understand the roles and responsibilities as a parent/guardian and spectator.

Parent Responsibilities

Checklist for equipment and required forms.

Player Equipment Inventory


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Player Responsibilities

Player understands the responsibilities as stated in the rules section of this publication.  Player acknowledges understanding of dedication and discipline, respect and teamwork, responsibility and accountability and humility.

Registration Form

General registration form for current year players.


Year-End Book Report

Players are to read a book about a prominent, respectable American, specifically one who is known for something besides athletic achievement.  Players then complete this book report in which they identify and evaluate their subject’s values as revealed through his/her actions.


  Critical Info


Merit Act




      YE Book




Weekly Values Worksheet

Pre-Game speakers address the Players to discuss specific values.  Players then complete this form which causes them to define for themselves the value discussed and to discuss that value with their parents.  These forms are due at the last practice of each week.


Parent/Guardian importance of recognizing the signs, symptoms, and behaviors of concussions. By signing this form you are stating that you understand the importance of recognizing and responding to the signs, symptoms, and behaviors of a concussion or head injury...

Concussion Agreement